Organized Kitchen Drawers

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If I had been 100% ready for building a home, I would have known exactly how many drawers, exactly how many cabinets, and where everything should be placed.  Yes, it crossed my mind that I could take stock of every item we owned – and ever might own – organize and measure them in my mind, and map out every square inch of the kitchen.

That seemed like a good idea for about five minutes.

Let’s be real… that still seems like a good idea.  But I wasn’t 100% ready to build a home. TBH I was about 70% ready to build a home.

First Week


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You know what I learned about myself when I broke my hip?  I’m not a very good patient.  I imagine this is SHOCKING information to anyone who knows me.

I don’t like to “sit around”.  My brain is constantly buzzing with “what’s next” and I’m often off flitting to the next three things before the first seven are done.  So, “healing”, or as it was in my case, sitting around on my butt for 6 weeks, was not on my agenda.

No real reason that all of the dishes in the cabinets needed to be rearranged… other than that I can’t get on a ladder and I should have been using my flamingo balancing skills on taking my first shower in 5 days, not telling Chad that the bowl needed to go a little further left.  No, I mean the other left.  Ok, yes, I meant right.

No real reason that this was when all the shirts needed to be ironed when they’d done so well slightly wrinkled for 5 years.  No real reason that I needed to check the mail or start making piles of things that we didn’t need anymore that I would inevitably trip over with my crutches.

All of these things could have waited until I was off crutches.

K Window

Our Kitchen

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Now that we are (sometimes) adults in an adult home, I’ve started to learn that the hub of a foodie house is the kitchen.  We spend a lot of time in there cooking, prepping, partying, and yes, cleaning.  Which is why the bulk of our design meetings centered around arguing about designing a kitchen that had a lot of space for making messes and room to hang out.

Unfortunately, not everything that we wanted to happen was an option with our specific builder.  Me being me… (stubborn) there was not a lot of room for compromise from my end.  What is the point of building a house if you can’t make it perfect the first time around?  #FirstWorldProblems

Which left the option of doing some things ourselves, after the home was “finished”.  Meaning we were without tile backsplash and the range oven when we first moved in… and for several months after that.

I know… GASP! how did we survive??


The Un-Un-Breakable Sarah Schmidt

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Carrie: Hey, remember when a break was a good thing?  Spring Break, coffee break… Now it’s break-up.  Break down.  They keep getting worse.  What’s next?

Miranda: Hip break?

I would like this post to be about my most recent medal acquisition and my breakdown of the expo and race – but that just can’t be.  I wasn’t able to participate in the Salt Lake Half Marathon this year because I broke my hip.

Broom Closet 2

A Broom Closet

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When we were in the planning stages of the house, the original floor plan had called for a small coat closet in between the kitchen and the garage entrance.  This made absolutely no sense to me because:

  1. Entryway Coat Closets belong near the front door ENTRYWAY
  2. Entryway Coat Closets do not belong in the kitchen
  3. I know everything

I had already altered the floor plan to create a larger entryway with a nice big coat closet for guests (and lets be honest, Bella) so it seemed even more unnecessary.  I was just about to have them erase the small closet when I realized that nowhere, in our giant brand new home, had I planned for a place to keep the larger cleaning gadgets.  And so, the little coat closet was turned into a broom closet.