Last week I took a planned vacation day and among other piddling errands I FINALLY went to Cactus & Tropicals. I say FINALLY because the lovely Kalie and Jason got us a wedding gift card to Cactus & Tropicals. You know… that wedding that happened almost 2 years ago? I was afraid to shop at a garden store until the recent success of my indoor office windowsill herb garden (thanks in part to Annie):


Yaaaaaaaaay.  And so I thought that maybe I could… er… BRANCH out (ha ha) to other herbs. (Groan.)

I wasn’t thinking this would be that big of a deal and then I stepped inside and I fell in LOVE. It was a mixture of warm slightly humid air, the 1920s garden cottage feel, the soft classical music, and all the beautiful flowers. I think I broke any black thumb I had left in me. I wandered around for almost an hour until I finally settled on mint, rosemary, and a blue ceramic pot.


I will so be going back there. Thanks Kalie and Jason!!… and TESSA!