This past weekend my sisters were in town visiting and so we of course hit a bunch of bars and tore up the roads in between.  One of the bars was Bar X which is downtown and one that Becca had to drag me to a year back because I remembered it as the hole-in-the-wall where scary types hung out.

That was before Phil Dunphy bought it and made it a hipster haven.

I don’t have any before photos because I went there, twice, and the second time was part of a bar crawl game. I only received points if I went inside and had a beverage.  It looked and smelled like a bathroom.  And the glass was probably not cleaned.  Ever.  And that I’m pretty sure is how I contracted ghonoherpesyphilitis.  True story.

But this is what it looks like now…

If you do go, I highly recommend the Moscow Mule.  I think what makes it special is the copper cup – which would most likely be why the ones I make at home never turn out as good 🙂  Also, have the bearded bartender make it.  He definitely knows what he is doing.