I realized recently that although I’d installed our new closet system from The Container Store, that I still didn’t feel that the closet was “done”.  And I wanted to make it DONE.  The real problems standing in my way were the purse storage and the clothes bin line items.  So I went where I always go when I have a project that needs finishing… TARGET.  Yaaaay.



TA-DA!!  I purchased two baskets for the shelf above my dresses, one is for Chad’s baseball caps and the other is for my purses.  I purchased a third larger basket that fits underneath the dresses where we can toss clothes that we no longer fit and/or wear.  When it’s full, we take it to the Good Will.

I also booted (ha ha) the lids on the glass jars.  They were annoying.

As executor of my list I’m going to go ahead and call it good.  The closet is pretty and functional – even without a chandelier and chalkboard stickers.  And done 🙂