This past weekend we made a trip up to Deer Valley to see one of the Utah Symphony Summer Concert Series (or whatever, I don’t know exactly what it’s called): Michael Jackson Tribute. We’ve attended the Summer Concert Series before – but this time we actually knew where we were going, so you know, that was nice. We packed a picnic (we picked up take out from Davanza’s), lots of blankets, and WINE because there are SPIDERS UP THERE, PEOPLE. And wine is the only thing that makes being in the presence of spiders … not so noticeable.

Every time I go to an outdoor concert I get jealous of the people who have those wine stick thingys.  You know… the thingys:

Picture-5I keep meaning to buy a set but that would have the downside of getting in the way of me “having” to hold my solo cup glass the entire time thereby keeping my wine very close and accessible for excessive drinking. I guess this would still work and even possibly class up the situation. Slightly. I am still sitting on the ground in this scenario, BTW.

While I was perusing wine stick thingys online and I found other totally acceptable outdoor concert beverage holders… I know The Wine Rack has been around for ages but I still wish I wasn’t so blessed in that area so it would work for me. Or I don’t know, I guess I could pretend Chad was a plastic surgeon.


Or there is always this super classy option: The Wine Yoke


Because, you know, sometimes it’s just a pain to hold your wine. Probably because you are tanked. Yep, then the wine necklace is for you… It’s like they were thinking of me when they created it!