I remember seeing this lady on Oprah! once who was talking about training for a marathon and running it and people in the audience were CRYING because they were moved by this action.  But I, I was angry and I thought, “Marathons are STUPID.  I’m never going to run one.  EVER.”

Up until recently that was my only goal in life: to never run a marathon.

People who say, “Running gives me this rush and the adrenaline is amazing.”  INSANE.  and also, LIARS.

Runners made me angry.  Look at you, I would fume.  Out there running in all kinds of weather for no reason.  Just running… for miles and miles… being all healthy and skinny.  GOOD for YOU.  And, get out of the way of my car!

I have no idea where all that rage came from but I was a teenager at the time.  That excuse didn’t work out a few years later when I was still against runners and marathons, so I guess what I’m saying is that I am a really immature adult.  And Sicilian.

Then, last year my friend, Lindsey, asked me to run a 5k with her.  This was a 5k for Breast Cancer Research, so, saying “No” makes you a bad person.  Also, I learned an amazing fact that a 5k is just a little over 3 miles.  It was like that time last year when I learned Diet Coke doesn’t have any calories in it.  I could run three miles!  No problem!

And see that right there?  That’s where this disease all started.

After running the 5k in 30 minutes I thought, I could totally do this again!  I started running 5 miles on Saturday and Sunday of each week and not because someone was chasing me.  I started becoming the very weirdos I saw on the side of the road and had wanted to run over with my car.

The disease had metastasized.

Then, a few weeks ago my sister-in-law informed me that Disney does marathons.  As we all know I firmly believe that Disney is everything that is wonderful.  That conversation took about 3 seconds and it involved a lot of yeses and it isn’t even for Breast Cancer Research.That’s right, I’m running a half marathon (which I know is not a marathon)

IN DISNEY WORLD.  I have a whole year to train which is going to make it SO EASY (there is that optimism disease thing again).

It’s been such a long and wonderful journey… you know, my overcoming… uh… where’s my audience of Oprah! fans crying about how awesome I am?