My goal this year – as it is every year – is to get more organized and get rid of the Hotel California thing we’ve got goin’ on with our stuff (you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave).  I know it’s doable to attack one small project at a time but I have a very hard time not seeing the 7 million things I’d like to get done and then break them down to one small thing to accomplish.

So my real goal is to attack one small thing per day… and I mean SMALL.  Like… one drawer small.  And so my first little project of the year was Chad’s shirt drawer.

Chad is very good about folding his many many many many MANY t-shirts and putting them away.  But with the amount of shirts and the space he has available, even the neatest person (well, ok, maybe MY drawer wouldn’t look like this) could eventually have a drawer that looked like this:


I saw a tip on Pinterest from Apartment Therapy that I thought would be the perfect way to make better use of his drawer space AND give him more room since I know more shirts are on the way.  The first (and best!) way to start any organization project is empty, sort, tidy, and put back.



I put on a movie to keep me company while I did it – and I probably didn’t even need a TV show; I was done in 15 minutes or less and I had even had that room to spare just like we needed:


I did add two spring loaded drawer dividers to keep things tidy when it gets closer to laundry day ($18 Bed Bath & Beyond).  And of COURSE the shirts are color coordinated; I’m crazy. But Chad still loves me and BONUS he really liked the new setup which means he’s more likely to stick with it all on his own 🙂