This year I just couldn’t find the time to take a picture of Bella in front of the tree… so 2012 didn’t happen – do over! Actually, 2012 was a lovely year and whether we have photographic evidence or not it happened, it’s over, and on to 2013! But first… me highlighting the year… for me 🙂

Bella or rather Bella Booperton, Dowager Countess of Spain Castle (as she is formally known around these parts) is now 4 and has a personal trainer. I was hoping Santa would bring me one of those – but instead he brought me a Kindle Fire and now Chad can’t get me to leave the gym because I’m busy watching movies on the stairmaster. Win.


Wedding in Hawaii Chad’s sister, Brandy, got married in Maui in May. It was a blast and we’re very appreciative of them for having a destination wedding and inviting us! We spent a lovely week exploring the island, eating, drinking, and commenting on how much Bella would love to live there – with all the cats and birds everywhere. Good thing she doesn’t speak english 😉


Vacations Aside from the beautiful Hawaii, we did get to see other parts of the US: San Francisco for a Formosa Family function in August, Denver in September for some Broncos and visits with friends, and as always, Disneyland in November.




Gainful Employment Chad has been offered a job in Salt Lake for when he finishes his residency this summer. Actually, he’s been offered a couple of jobs – but I’m not allowed to discuss which one he has accepted just yet. So basically – this is a useless paragraph unless you were waiting with baited breath to find out if we’d stay in SLC for a few more years. And the answer to that is: probably.


We’re bundling up for the remaining months of winter, wishing all a happy year to come, and hoping when we’re all back next year we’ll have another handful of happy memories to share!

Happy New Year!