I’ve been sorting through boxes of stuff I don’t need – and I found a day planner that I used approximately 3 years ago before I became the owner of an iPhone.  Now all of my appointments and people are stored electronically rendering this particular binder useless.

I know the reason it wasn’t tossed was that I had purchased the binder online only MONTHS prior to getting the iPhone and after several months of exhaustive searching for a perfect planner binder AND calendar combo.  I got about 4 months out of a $50 set.  Everything in me knew that it was really time for the binder to go yet something about it still inspired me.

Then I remembered seeing something on iHeartOrganizing about a budget binder.  My mini accordion money folder was a little bit broken and I hadn’t gotten around to replacing it.  And there was so MUCH MORE I wanted from this accordion money folder that would make shopping even MORE organized.

It took me about 15 minutes online and I found that I could purchase inserts for my beautiful binder and use it as our budget binder.

The day the inserts arrived we set about putting everything together: gift cards, reward cards, coupons, store cards, cash, and business cards.  A little assembly and label magic and VOILA!  Just like the accordion folder it stays in the office unless we go shopping or out to eat.  But now, instead of just the cash, we also have EVERYTHING we need for any of the stores we would go to – all in one binder.

I’m a little biased but it’s soooooooo pretty:




The zippered pouches are my favorite find (here).  I measured several times and I’m glad it worked out that cash fits PERFECTLY inside.  The credit card sleeves are great for gift cards and coupons.  The front pouch fits those loyalty cards we’re always forgetting to tote around.

Of course, I used the label maker for each cash pouch – and alphabetized them so they’re easy to locate when it’s time to pay.  So far, it’s been working spectacularly.