Picture-2I recently got a new purse – after falling in love with another purse that was sold out on DSW – and finding a similar one on Zappos (which is also, now, sold out!).  It’s the one pictured to the left but with blue & white stripes, and a yellow interior that makes everything in there stand out.

I love it I love it I love it!

I always go between large and tiny purses; sticking with the smaller purse until I pare down to things I use on a daily basis, moving to the large “tote” until I start carrying around everything in my house.  I started helping some friends with organizational projects at their homes so for a while I had my “regular purse” and my “organized tote” but the switching back and forth was getting difficult and I didn’t want to carry two purses when I had a project.

With the new tote (and other ones of similar size and quality that I hope to own soon-ish) I decided that I would use a trick I saw once (using makeup bags to keep your purse organized) and apply it to this bag to make carrying what I need – and adding in some other things I don’t need every day – really easy with one bag.

I didn’t do this all at one.  For a couple of years I’ve kept my camera in a small cloth makeup bag with the cord and extra batteries (or like my new one, the charger).

I’ve also always had a bag for the toiletries – hand sanitizer, lip stuff, eye drops, vitamins (I remember to take them at some point during the morning so I keep them in my purse) and sometimes sunscreen.




The Organization Kit which holds: Screw drivers, tape measure, flash drive, pens, pencils, sharpies, post-it tabs, screen cleaner, and re-usable Q-ties.


The Label Maker Pouch – holding extra batteries, label tape, and of course, the machine itself.



All of these cases I got from Target at some point or another over the past 4 years and I don’t think one of them cost more than $20 – usually less than $10.

They make everything super accessible without cluttering up my purse.  When I need something I know exactly which pouch to remove.  As you can see below, I obviously don’t carry around my cameras or the label maker all the time – but when I need to grab them, I totally have space:


I’m so in love with this tote!  Did it take other people until they were 29 to realize that spending $30 more (than a cheap target or gap purse) on a quality tote is totally worth it?  I’ve had it for a month and the colors don’t run or wipe off on my clothes, the handles haven’t fallen apart, and the zipper still works!

My 20s were a lie.