It always bothered me that I had never read Pride & Prejudice.  This book is the one that I’m fairly certain I should have read in high school.  I probably passed muster with Cliff’s Notes.  Or my excellent writing BS skills.  All because I got caught up in reading something else… VC Andrews?  Some murder mystery I found at the local library?  Who knows.

Reading was never an issue for me at any point in my life.  My sister and I used to come up with ridiculous schemes to stay up late into the night reading and not get caught when our dad came down to make sure the lights were off.

Pause here and pretend you are me searching YouTube for a clip from 3 Ninja’s when they have a mom alarm security system rigged in their room so they know when their mom is coming to check on them.  Then find out the movie was from 1992 and realize that few people would waste time recording that from their VCR.  Give up.  Go back to typing and feeling this post is lacking without the clip.

It was reading what I was SUPPOSED to be reading that was the problem.

That is my lame explanation for why I’m 29 in my twenties and haven’t yet read, or watched, Pride & Prejudice.  And seriously, after the let-down of Wuthering Heights, I was not in the mood for another period piece… of crap.

However, I was surprised that after a slow start, it was actually enjoyable.  I might have even liked it in high school.  Who knows.  That girl was … a lot younger … and also read VC Andrews.  We have little in common except our hair and most of our eating habits.

Through the strange coincidences of the universe and DirectTV the Pride & Prejudice with Kiera Knightly was on over the weekend, so I recorded it and watched it when I was done reading.  Good times had by all (me and Bella) and I will most certainly recommend the actual book to any teen I run into.

Oh… AND?  I finally realized why Pride & Prejudice is mentioned 80 bajillion times in You’ve Got Mail.  Pretty much all the movies I liked in high school and college were re-makes of some ridiculously old book.  (Clueless = Emma; Lion King = MacBeth; You’ve Got Mail = Pride & Prejudice).

It’s a good book, but I’d still rather watch You’ve Got Mail.  Sigh.