While training for this Disney Half Marathon thingy we are planning – we decided to branch out to some other forms of exercise.  Because running a lot is really boring.  REALLY.  Chad already lifts weights at the gym but wanted to have some things to do at home while watching football.  We dug out the weights we already owned and realized why they were away in the first place: I tend to stub my bare toes on things.  I ordered a weight stand (Dumbbell Rack), and now they are off the floor and ready to work… out!

Full disclosure: This thing smelled like someone had doused it in gasoline.  I assembled it and then left it on the patio for three days before bringing it inside and the smell finally went away.  Otherwise it has been perfect.

We also decided to try Bikram Yoga at the urging of my sister, Becca.  Add another yoga mat and with all the towels and gear we have to lug to class, I decided to get a mesh pop-up laundry hamper (Pop-Up Mesh Hamper).  All of that stuff needed a designated space as well.  I saw a neat idea on Pinterest, so I decided to get some IKEA Plastic Bag Dispensers and a 3M clip, it came together pretty nicely:

All neat and tidy for when we are ready to tackle our new exercises 🙂

This is not a sponsored post.  All above items are products I purchased and use.  As always, all opinions are my own.