Being a woman, I never dealt with boxers, briefs, or man panties (manties) nor, more importantly, how to neatly organize them into a drawer.  Yes, people, it’s true: I got married incredibly ill equipped to organize Chad’s drawers.  You heard read me.

At first it was just boxers and I could fold them somewhat neatly into somewhat similarly sized squares, stack them, and call it a day.  Even though it wasn’t 100% pleasing to my eyes, I didn’t have to look at it again until Sunday when I did the laundry and was putting them away.  I made peace with it.

But then he introduced briefs into the mix.  That is when that drawer really started to bother me.  Every Sunday, with my pile of freshly laundered manties I would eye the drawer, sigh, and say to the drawer, “Drawer, why can’t you be more like your older, more organized brother, The Shirt Drawer???”

And the drawer wouldn’t answer.  Because it’s a drawer.

Right before Christmas we did The Annual Before Christmas Clothing Sort… which is where I have Chad throw away anything with holes, pit stains, or otherwise makes him look like a hooligan, and thus creating a need for after Christmas shopping at after Christmas sales.  I always offer to do this tedious shopping trip while Chad watches 9 hours of football.  It’s a win-win-win situation (that last win is for whoever is getting all our money).

When I brought home a boxload of new manties from my shopping trip I decided that the manties drawer needed a makeover.  Fortunately, instead of having to use my brain, I used the packaging as my guide.  I just needed to be folding differently!

I would like to again apologize for a lack of a “before” photograph.  I was too caught up in the excitement of my new plan to remember to photograph anything and, also, pee.

I folded the boxers into thirds widthwise and then lengthwise.  The briefs just needed to be folded into thirds widthwise and then in half lengthwise.  Et VOILA!

Happy manties drawer.  Happy me.