This year I wanted to be ON TOP of everything Christmas and that included ordering Christmas Cards before December 1st (which is when my ON TOP of Everything Christmas list said we should pick out a tree). A quick search through our Bella photo files and we knew we had a winner in the only picture we ever took of Bella where she was happy… and also quite possibly the only time she was happy, ever.


Bella is still the biggest small dog we have ever met and still has each of us wrapped firmly around her tiny little paws.


Chad turned the big 3-0 this year, graduated from Residency and has a “real” job! I use quotation marks because when he was in residency he worked 80+ hours a week, now he works 40. It’s nice, and weird, to have him home more… no one is more excited than Bella 🙂 I tried to be but I don’t have a tail. Now, if only he could get his patients to stop asking when he will be turning 18 – then it might feel REAL for Chad.


Vacations we visited Vegas for Chad’s birthday; Coronado in September for our friends Maranda & Branson’s Wedding; Denver in September to visit Nancy, Sara and Jack, and see a Bronco Game; and San Francisco in November with our friends Pin & Steve to visit family and all the lovely things to see in the Bay Area.


Happy 2014!!!