I had in my head for a while that I wanted a custom magnet board.  Only, I didn’t want to pay a custom magnet board price for one.  What I’d had before was a magnet board from IKEA that I’d spray painted with chalkboard paint:


Which was lovely, but wasn’t exactly the size I wanted.

With a little inspiration from 7th House on the Left and 4 Men 1 Lady I was able to pull together what I wanted for $25.



Ta-da!  The supplies can be found as follows:

I was super excited to find out about Metal Supermarket.  They will cut to order if you call ahead, but since I was out and about I stopped by and went through their remnants section.  They were very sweet and cut the piece to fit exactly all in a 15 minute visit.  I paid $10 total.

After having used it for a few days, I might flip it over and just use the unpainted side as is with a whiteboard marker.  The paint scratches and picks up fingerprints too easily.  But other than that complaint, I LOVE it.