For Christmas, Santa brought me a sewing machine.  I promptly purchased a few supplies to aid me in my quest to have pants that aren’t too long.  My mother taught me to hem pants ages ago but I’d never had a sewing machine and I’m too impatient to wait for tailors to shorten my pants.  Finally I can look like a normal, albeit short, person.

And then I realized that my home office space needed to accommodate a sewing machine and a few supplies.

Enter one of my favorite organizing blogs IHeartOrganizing.  Jen had a creation that was not only perfect for what I needed but I felt fairly certain I could replicate: The Easiest Peg Board Project Ever.

It took me a couple of months because I had to search high and low (pretend the internet has such a thing) for some of the items, but I was stubborn enough to see the project through and I’m so glad I did!

The supplies can be found as follows:

It is fairly straightforward once you have all your supplies and the paint colors you want to use.  I’m still playing around with the placement – but I’m totally in love with it no matter how I have it set up.

In putting all of this together the office got a little remodel to make space on the wall for it, and to make the best possible use of the whole office.