Anyone who follows me on Instagram probably saw the insanity of the Princess Half Marathon Weekend. I apologize for the photo overload. Here’s some more!

Having successfully completed the Tinker Bell Half Marathon, I was not worried about completing the half marathon in Florida. I was, however, worried about running a 10k on Saturday and then a half marathon on Sunday… Chad’s sister and I signed up to participate in the Glass Slipper Challenge because, turns out, we’re insane. I mean, I felt prepared; I’d been running a little faster, my runs had felt better, and I was hopeful that I would still be able to finish a 10k in under an hour AND the half marathon in under 2 hours.

Here is what I never considered planning for: humidity. 100% humidity. Before that day, I seriously thought 100% humidity meant that it was actively raining outside. Nope. It means you switch over to drinking the air instead of breathing it.

Enchanted 10k

When we got started, it was really too dark to see much that wasn’t under the lights. After we started running, I thought she was right behind me, but unfortunately it was some other blond in a tutu. So I marveled at the overpass with “snow” from Queen Elsa all by myself and waded through what I would normally call FOG, but it was warm.

Despite the humidity, I ran my best 10k ever.

I was so proud of my time that I spent $20 to have the back of my medal engraved… my thinking at the time (in my humidity addled brain) was that I wouldn’t be able to remember the time otherwise. We also accidentally wandered into some special tent that we weren’t supposed to be in, but the organizers gave us towels before we realized we had gone the wrong way. We kept the towels for the half marathon #sorrynotsorry.

Princess Half Marathon

The following morning, we had pretty much the same situation. 100% humidity. We also had to hike for 30 minutes to our corrals, which seemed insane compared to the 10k the previous morning and the Disneyland set-up.

I don’t remember much, if anything, of the course. I just remember that I was unable to see more than 10 feet in front of me until the sun came up. At that point (it has since been explained to me) the sun burns off the humidity and you can see the air again. Between mile 9 and 10 my brain decided that my knee was going to break. I had a little conversation with myself that I was fine and to stop whining and get my butt to the end. For some reason, at that moment, I looked up and I saw Chad running up the overpass above me. I shouted at him four times before he finally looked down and waived.

It motivated me to keep going and try to catch up. Jokes on me, he was about a mile ahead of me. But he was waiting for me at the finish line.

Not my best time, and I crossed the finish line soaking wet (not from sweat), and covered in glitter.

Even though we weren’t running our best, Team Spain, or as we are known to runDisney, Team Hephalumps managed to come in 10th place in the Co-ed Division. Wahoo! And the whole reason we were in Florida in the first place was for the coveted Coast to Coast Medal…

Two half marathons, one Disney 10k, one Glass Slipper Challenge, and one Coast to Coast Challenge. I guess that’s a wrap on the Disney Runs this year…

Event Specs

Event Managed by: runDisney
Location: Disney World
Personal Participation Count: 1 of 1
Event Expo: Yes
Event Expo Size: GIANT

Race Start times: 5:30 am (-0.5)
Race Day Weather: 65 degrees 100% Humidity (-1)
Race Features: Female Theme, Costumed Runners Encouraged, ChEAR Squad, High School Bands, High School Cheerleaders and Dancing Teams, Cast Members, Disney Characters, Disney Animals

10k Water Stations: 2 | Every 2 Miles
Half Marathon Water Stations: 7 | Every 1.5 Miles
Energy Supplement Station (Half Marathon only): Yes | Cliff Shot Station at Mile 9
Race Courses: Mostly flat, one hill during half marathon, several miles in Disney parks
Running with Traffic: No, roads are blocked for race

Finisher Medal: Yes
Special Category Medals: Yes

Event Rating: 8.5 out of 10