Yesterday I shared my organized sock drawer.  Even if organizing doesn’t make you all tingly inside you should try to tackle your dresser drawers at least once a year to get rid of clothing items that are taking up valuable real estate.  Why not start with your sock drawer today?

Dump Your Drawer
Empty your sock drawer completely.  If it looks a little iffy, maybe throw some baking soda in there and then vacuum it out.

Sort Everything
Maybe you haven’t worn that pair in a while, maybe a few are missing mates… maybe some have more holes than sock.  Be cruel.  Purge, purge, purge until you have a pile of sock pairs you’d be proud to wear in public.

If you had to get rid of many pairs, maybe it’s time to get a bag or two of replacement pairs.  If you have the money, consider buying an extra bag of socks and donate it to your favorite charity, new socks are rarely donated.

Plan Your Space
Do you want to use drawer inserts?  Will you roll your socks?  “Fold” them?  Put them in a jar or basket?  Plan out your space and then make sure your entire collection fits and are separated appropriately – maybe you don’t mind that the fuzzy socks and every day socks are together – but it will be easier to find the pair you want if they are sorted on their own.

BHG | Fresh American Style


However you choose to get them organized – just make sure they are easy to store and easy to see.  You’ll be more likely to find the right pair AND put them away when they’re clean.

When was the last time you cleaned out your sock drawer?