Almost a year ago I bought a shelving unit from IKEA to better organize the master bathroom and I’ve been loving it since then.  A few months ago, I decided to spring clean the bathroom and got rid of a bunch of stuff I no longer used.  This started the organization process all over again… you know, because it was a day ending in “y”.

I’d been eyeing up a few organizational ideas on pinterest, namely, the Makeup Magnet Board and the Beauty Supply Ledge that I’d already incorporated in Chad’s bathroom.  I put together my supplies and slowly got to work as they arrived.  I’m definitely loving the result…

Photo courtesy of Tim FormosaLamp | Shelving Unit | Tray | 3M Clear Plastic Cup

I needed a little extra lighting so I added the lamp.  I was hoping (and still am) for something a little more awesome looking, that is a whopping $50.  I’m waiting on that one.  The IKEA version was only $10, so obviously it works for now.

Photo courtesy of Tim FormosaStyle Station Organizer | Glass Cups

I also incorporated some clear 3M hooks for my eyelash curler and scissors.  We had a couple of extra glasses (you know, in case something breaks), so I took the plunge (instead of storing hoarding them) and started using them for cotton balls and q-tips.

Photo courtesy of Tim Formosa

Magnet Strip | Magna Pods | Shelf | Decorative Cup

The makeup magnet board has been AMAZING.  Everything has it’s own spot, but it doesn’t seem cluttered.  I can find each tool as I need it.  I used these flexible stick-on magnets and attached them to pretty much everything you see sticking to the board.  They’ve worked really well and I’ve only had to glue them on to the Stila container.

What I’ve noticed is that everything gets put away now, I no longer come in to a cluttered counter space.  Cleaning the bathroom the past few weeks has been a BREEZE.  I love the new system!

Have you tried organizing with magnets?