Back when I was organizing Chad’s drawers, my good friend Kalie asked me how I organize my “unders”.  I thought that was quite possibly the most adorable thing to call underwear.  I call them underwear in my head but when I say it out loud to Chad I call them, undapants.

Because of Boy Meets World:

The organization of my undapants has changed multiple times over the years, but I’ve definitely always been a panty folder… like so:

I know it seems crazy to fold your underwear, but what about this website ever gave you the impression that I’m sane???

While I was planning the drawer overhaul, I saw some really neat ideas on Pinterest for my undapants drawer, and I set about copying them.

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First, I pared down my collection a little.  It’s not necessary to own 30 pairs of panties when you do laundry every week!  I also made a few purchases based on personal style changes (I tend to wear black and nude more often than fun colors).  What I was left with were sorted, and then spaces were measured and strips were cut.

Now all of my every day and fancy! unders fit into one neat and tidy drawer:

Hooray again for Custom Drawer Organizer Strips!  I’ve really been happy with them, aside from one strip that was having an issue with sticking on one side – but I saw on Simply Organized to add a 3M tab and so far it has worked like a charm!

What do you call your underwear?