It was almost a full year of running before I learned the importance of running “support” items.  It may seem to the casual runner that special socks or runderwear are just another way for running companies to take your hard earned cash, but let me assure you, they make all the difference!  I no longer have callouses and blisters on my feet, nor do I deal with swampiness or rug burn.

After adding runderpants and sport socks to my running arsenal, I realized that they needed their own drawer to keep everything – you guessed it – organized:

Sports-UnderwearCustom Organizer Strips


I have another drawer for shorts, capris, pants, and shirts (obviously, not pictured).  It made sense to keep my running/exercise clothing separate from the rest of my clothing.  It makes it easy to grab everything I need and be out the door when it’s all in one place.

How do you organize your Exercise Clothes?  Do you keep it separate from your regular clothing, or do you have it all mixed together?