I hate not being able to find something in my purse, it makes me feel like the most disorganized person in the world.  I used to have an overstuffed purse filled with junk, garbage, intermixed with things I needed, and I could never find any of it.  Then I started being a little more organized, by following these steps, and for the most part my purse stays neat and tidy:

Don’t Take Receipts
Unless you are being reimbursed or writing it off for tax purposes, receipts are an unnecessary evil.  If you don’t need it, don’t take it!  The cashier will throw it away for you.  Also don’t take: flyers, appointment cards, or business cards.  Take a cell phone photo of the information you need if you don’t have time to put it into your phone or day planner.

Use a Beauty Organizer
If you routinely find yourself needing or using: bobby pins, hair ties, lip balm, hand sanitizer, or kleenex – you might need a beauty organizer.  Any pretty pencil case or cosmetic bag from the store will do – as long as it fits all the items you tote around.

Designate a spot for Phone & Keys
With just about every purse out there, there are two pockets sewn into the inside of the purse.  I use one for keys and one for my phone.  It takes a few extra seconds longer (than just dropping them in the bag) to make sure they are in a pocket, and not finding their way to the bottom of my purse.

Don’t Carry the World in Your Purse
Only pack what is strictly necessary to get you through the day.  You don’t need to lug your work laptop and case notes to the grocery store – and you don’t need to take your magazines and coupon pouch to work with you.  Have a docking station for your purse/purses and items you frequently carry – that way you can grab what you need and leave what you don’t without worrying you will forget something.  Your back and shoulders will thank you.

Planned Purge
Go through your purse once a week or once a month.  Any expired cards or licenses?  Time to replace a tube of lip gloss?  Toss the old stuff and replace with your new stuff.  Get rid of any coins or bobby pins that have found their way to the bottom of your bag.  If necessary, wipe out your purse and use a Tide pen on the exterior.

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