Do you often find that you have more clothes on your floor or nearby furniture, than in your closet and/or dresser?  It’s frustrating when you want to wear an outfit only to find your previously neat and tidy clothes reduced to a wrinkly mess because they were quickly cast aside when you decided to wear something else.  It also doesn’t make for a very sexy bedroom when the contents of your closet and dressers are covering the carpet.

You can stop the cycle and maintain a neat and tidy wardrobe, bedroom floor, and bedroom!  Here’s a few ways to stop your closet from taking over your room.

Is it your closet?

Is your closet too small? Is it difficult to open your closet door? Do you hate your hangers?  Do your clothes fall off of your hangers?  Are you afraid that your sweaters will get shoulder nipples?

  • Remove your closet door if you need to, make sure your closet is easy to get in and out of.
  • Create more closet space by editing your closet and/or adding a second rod.
  • Maximize your hanging space by using slim velvet hangers, and BONUS your clothing will not slide off.
  • Use these babies, and your shirts and sweaters will no longer get shoulder nipples.

Is your dresser behind a door or in an awkward area that makes it difficult for you to access? Are the drawers broken?  Is your dresser too small?

  • Move your dresser to a better location (not behind a door, close to wear you get dressed)
  • Fix broken drawers, pulls (handles), or replace your dresser
  • Make sure your dresser is the right size – if you are having difficulty opening and closing the drawers because there is too much stuff, then edit your clothing and/or buy a bigger dresser!
  • Organize your drawers so you can find what you need when you need it


Do you hate folding?

If you have tried the flip n’ fold and you still hate folding, never fear: there is no rule that you must fold your clothes.

  • Get rid of your dresser and put in another hanging rod.
  • Get rid of all of your socks. Buy all the same size and color so you don’t have to worry about folding them!
  • Get a few baskets or small dresser for underwear, socks, and delicates – everything else can be hung in the closet.

Start Using Hooks

Hooks aren’t just for the bathroom!  Sometimes you need a temporary spot for discarded outfits that didn’t make it to today’s fashion show, sometimes you only wore that skirt for half a day and it isn’t ready for the laundry yet.  Install valet hooks near your closet or on your closet door.  Use them to store clothing on it’s hanger, or by itself, to be dealt with later.

Keep Your Hampers Close…

Your hamper(s) should be near your closet or where you change (bathroom, bedroom) when you take something off and it’s ready to be cleaned, put it into the hamper.  Bonus points for having different hampers for different loads of laundry (darks, whites, etc) so everything is sorted when you are ready to do laundry.

Do you have any other tips to keeping your clothes off the floor?