Sometimes what I enjoy most about working with clients to get them organized, is that I come across issues that I myself have never had.  For instance, I have never in my life kept business cards.  When I encounter a business card, I snap a photo of it and store it in my contacts, and then recycle it.

That is what I do.  That is not what everyone does.

I remember my mom would tape or staple business cards into her flip file index.  I had a lot of friends with parents who had filofaxes.  Everyone deals with business cards in a different way.  I feel that business cards are a thing of the past.  But not everyone feels that way.

One of the clients I was working with recently had a large collection of business cards, hundreds and hundreds of cards, that he was keeping in a large wooden bowl on his desk.  He knew that most of the collection was out of date, but he kept the cards because he liked to look through them once in awhile just to walk down memory lane.

We discussed several different options including a rolodex or scanning all the cards.  The problem was that he really liked being able to hold the card in his hands.  I realized that it was similar to Chad’s baseball card collection, and that’s when I thought to offer a similar solution: plastic sleeves and a binder.

He thought the idea sounded great, so I ordered the supplies and he even allowed me to alphabetize the cards 😉

 Business Card Holder Pages | Avery Multicolor Alphabetical Tab Dividers

It does take a little more space than hundreds of cards in a bowl, but on the flip side it’s more portable, quite a bit neater, and keeps the cards in better shape.  Fortunately it is a good solution for him and he’s happy with the outcome.