I was reading my new favorite blog The Small Things Blog and about how she is participating in the Capsule Wardrobe challenge.  Basically you edit your closet to 37 items you will wear for the next season.  (Fortunately for me, exercise clothing doesn’t count in that total.)  And most importantly, no shopping until 2 weeks before the next season.

I saved the post because I really liked the idea but I wasn’t sure I would actually get my butt in gear and participate this season.

But then there was the little nagging voice in the back of my head that started kicking the idea around.  “You wear the same three outfits or your gym clothes every day!” It said.

I want to blame that on the fact that I’ve pretty much been continuously training for half marathons all year.  And also, more to the content of my closet; last year I quit my full-time job to pursue my dream of becoming a Professional Organizer/Writer/Radio Personality (that last one wasn’t actually my dream, but, here we are).

My closet and dresser were still filled with business casual outfits appropriate for a 9-5 professional desk job.   I was still trying to come to terms with the fact that business casual doesn’t fit who and what I am now.  I don’t need all those pencil skirts, dress pants, high heels, and cardigans; no matter how many compliments I received every time I wore them over a year ago.

I tackled my closet and dresser with new eyes.  “Old me” stuff went into my donation bin, “new me” stuff got to stay.  After two hours my GoodWill donation bin was overflowing all over the bedroom floor.  I think what really worked for me was the limiting myself to 37 items.  I couldn’t keep things I was just iffy about because if I wasn’t really going to wear it, then I could make room for something I really would wear.  Towards the end I was just throwing things on the pile without another thought because I’d forgotten I even owned them.

In the end I kept (1) sweatshirt, (3) sweaters, (1) cardigan, (2) button down blouses, (5) long sleeved shirts, (3) t-shirts, (1) pair of jeans, (2) pairs of heels, (2) pairs of flats, and (2) pairs of boots for this season’s capsule.

I was ready for virtual shopping – which I do on Keep:

My main focus will be on finding at least (2-3) pairs of shoes, (2) pairs of jeans, (2) skirts, and a bunch of t-shirts.  It seems so strange to have an actual list of clothing I’m searching for – it almost feels like back-to-school shopping.  Maybe I can get some fun new school supplies, like a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils?  Oh, how I love the fall!

Have you heard of the Capsule Wardrobe before?  Have you considered doing it?

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