Pet Peeve alert: I cannot stand it when a song or album in iTunes doesn’t have the image files attached.  This happens when you copy a physical CD onto your computer – and I had a very LARGE collection of CDs copied onto my computer many years ago so I would say easily half of my music collection is without images.

Every time a song without an image pops up in my playlist it drives me insane.  I didn’t think anything could be done about it, until I was messing around with iTunes one day and realized there is a fairly simple fix.

Here are the steps to add images to your iTunes music – if you are like me and want your library to be practically perfect in every way (visually, you can keep your opinions about my music to yourself!! 😉 )

Organizing iTunes

First, you need to identify the album or song without an image:

Organizing iTunes 2

Then you need to search the album in your favorite search engine:

Organizing iTunes 3

Then find the largest version of the album cover you can in “images”:

Organizing iTunes 4

Then copy the image (how to for mac users | for windows/PC users) and save the image to your desktop.

Go back to iTunes and right click (or control + click for mac users) on the song,

Organizing iTunes 5

Select “Get Info” > “Artwork” > and then drag and drop the image into the big white space (that says “Album Artwork”)

Organizing iTunes 6

Once the image comes up, click “ok” (not “Add Artwork”)

Organizing iTunes 7

… and that’s it!  You’re done!

Organizing iTunes 8

If you want to add an image to an entire album then you have a couple of extra steps.

First select ALL the songs in the album:

Organizing iTunes 9

Select “Get Info” >

Organizing iTunes 10

And then iTunes wants to make seriously sure that you truly want to edit the information for multiple items (uh, yes!) so select “Edit Items”

Organizing iTunes 11

And then continue on your merry way.

You’ll have an entire iTunes library with accompanying images in NO TIME.