Last Fall, I decided to do try the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge.

It wasn’t as painful as it first seemed, and my life didn’t end because I got rid of years worth of outfits that were no longer being used.  I’ve learned that it is a fantastic way to organize your closet and your budget!  No more shopping endlessly for an item that doesn’t fit into my current wardrobe, no more forgetting what I have amongst the piles of things I never wear.

I’ve been keeping items I want to add to my next Capsule Wardrobe on KEEP so when it’s time for shopping, I have a list.

Keep Spring

Every spring, I notice I wear or at least lean towards, yellow in my color choices.  Which, if you’ve been playing along, stands out among the regular blue, navy, white, grey, and black that dominates my regular wardrobe.

I think it might be because I get so excited to see the sun after months of dreary weather.  That doesn’t really apply to this year because we’ve been having spring since January 2nd … but I decided to have a little fun with it and see where my foray into a few pieces of yellow clothing goes this year.

These are the tops that made the cut for my Spring Capsule Wardrobe.

Spring Tops

Spring Capsule Wardrobe, Tops:

  1. Essential Vee, various colors (Banana Republic)
  2. White Statement T-Shirt “C’est Bon” (Banana Republic)
  3. White Button Down (LOFT, last season)
  4. Crochet Sweater, White (LOFT)
  5. Cardigan (DownEast Outfitters)
  6. Wool two button Blazer, Navy (Banana Republic)
  7. Crew Neck Sweater (J Crew Outlet)
  8. White & Navy Striped Sweater (J. Crew, last spring)
  9. Navy Sweater (J. Crew, last winter)
  10. Pure Body Short Sleeve Shirts, Black (GAP) – Not pictured
  11. Essential Crew, various colors (Banana Republic) – Not pictured
  12. White Button Down (Limited) – Not pictured

I have a love/hate relationship with bottoms.  I love skirts, skinny jeans, jorts, and heels.  I hate wearing pants.  I would much rather sit at home in a t-shirt and underwear… and if we’re being completely honest; fuzzy socks.  That’s how fashionable I am.

Since I do actually leave the house from time to time, I have somehow managed to cultivate a few bottoms that I enjoy wearing.

Spring Bottoms

  1. Jorts, two pairs (J Crew Factory, last summer)
  2. Floral Mini (Banana Republic Outlet)
  3. Yellow & White Striped Mini (J Crew Factory, last summer)
  4. White Modern Straight Leg Jeans (LOFT)
  5. Ripped Skinny High Waist Jeans (GUESS, last summer)
  6. Skinny High Waist Dark Wash Jeans (Guess, last summer)
  7. Skinny High Waist Dark Wash Jeans (Lucky Outlet) – not pictured
  8. Khaki Shorts (Patagonia Outlet) – not pictured