I enjoy doing laundry. It’s one of my more shameful secrets. Shameful because I was raised by a woman who, along with several of her friends, imparted on me the notion that feminists hate all things that homemakers do. I couldn’t be a successful feminist woman and want to do laundry. But then I started watching HGTV and realized how wrong they were. I could want my home to be beautiful, I could love to do laundry, I could enjoy cooking dinner for my significant other… and still want to get paid the same as men.

This was a giant weight off of my chest.

I had been imagining The Laundry Room as a grand mecca of organization for longer than Pinterest has been around.  A space that would not only do the laundry practically by itself, but also hem all the pants I’m hoarding in the event that I actually decide to adjust them for my midget height.

This amazing room needed:

  • Hanging Space for air drying clothes
  • A Sink for bathing Bella and pre-washing clothes
  • Space to fold and iron
  • Space to sew
  • Shelves and Drawers to act as our linen closet*

*I made the executive decision to get rid of a giant hallway linen closet for a bigger master suite.

I know that was a lot to ask from a laundry room.  But David, one of the wonderful elfa designers, made everything work just perfectly.

LR Window

Doesn’t the view from our hallway just make you want to squee? Can’t you practically see the laundry doing itself??

I am in love with the Freestanding Hanger Organizer – it keeps all the plastic hangers I use for air drying clothes from getting all over the place and driving me insane.  And because we are short people, we have a nice little step stool from IKEA so I can reach the top shelf.

LR Drawers

The drawers house extra toilet paper & kleenex, clean hand towels & gym towels, lightbulbs, and a few other things that makes doing laundry easier.

LR Table Top

I like having a solid shelf for the things I need most often: Detergents, the iron, the bunny bank for loose change, and the mini steamer… because I tend to forget things in the dryer.  And they get wrinkly.  Shhh, don’t tell anyone!

Laundry Room 1

The upper shelves are great for clean towels.  You can just see the hanging space in this picture – above the washer & dryer.  We also have a small ironing board that hangs on the door out of the way.

Laundry Room 5

The sewing machine finally has a home, and the utility board keeps sewing supplies and other small tools easy to access.  We want to put in a backsplash but we were having trouble making a decision… about where that money would come from 😉 .  It’s on the giant Still To Do list.

LR Under Sink

Under the sink I keep all the cleaning supplies for the floor.  We also recycle A LOT of things and I used to have this really fun habit of leaving empty, clean, recyclables on the counter until the counter was too full for anything else before walking them to the recycling bin in the kitchen.  Now I have no excuse to participate in such behavior, because now there is a recycle bin on my way downstairs.

And somehow I still have an empty container on the counter right now.

Being me, and things are never complete, the Still To Do list includes: blinds, maybe curtains, and a runner for the very cold tile floor.