When we were in the planning stages of the house, the original floor plan had called for a small coat closet in between the kitchen and the garage entrance.  This made absolutely no sense to me because:

  1. Entryway Coat Closets belong near the front door ENTRYWAY
  2. Entryway Coat Closets do not belong in the kitchen
  3. I know everything

I had already altered the floor plan to create a larger entryway with a nice big coat closet for guests (and lets be honest, Bella) so it seemed even more unnecessary.  I was just about to have them erase the small closet when I realized that nowhere, in our giant brand new home, had I planned for a place to keep the larger cleaning gadgets.  And so, the little coat closet was turned into a broom closet.

Of course this broom closet required some elfa designing and planning.  I needed it to keep the broom, the vacuum, the swiffer, a steam mop, a step ladder (we are a short people), a bucket, as well as parts and pieces for the above mentioned gadgets, other cleaning supplies, and paper towels.

While planning the space, and realizing that it was very close to the dining room table, a place where we do gift wrapping, I requested that the closet perform one more function: gift wrap closet.

Once the elfa system was installed, that same tiny coat closet that was almost erased seemed to grow to Room of Requirement proportions and fit everything I wanted to with space to spare.

Behold, the beautiful Broom Closet / Gift Wrap Supply Area.

Broom Closet 1

Broom Closet 2

Broom Closet 3

As part of the door & wall rack, there was a utility board to keep good scissors, double sided tape, and nice pens.

Broom Closet 4

Since I had a whole other side of the board I wasn’t using for gift wrapping supplies, I decided to keep utility scissors (so the good scissors don’t get ruined by a nameless housemate of mine who doesn’t understand the difference between good scissors and scissors you can use in non-scissor appropriate ways) a pair of screw drivers and a tape measure.

Basically things that I’m always bringing into the kitchen and leaving there instead of returning them to the toolbox.

The most exciting thing about this broom closet is that once we are done vacuuming or sweeping, we can put these items away in the closet and close the door and pretend that magical elves clean our home while we are sleeping.

It’s pretty fantastic.

Definitely the best closet I’ve ever saved 😉