Now that we are (sometimes) adults in an adult home, I’ve started to learn that the hub of a foodie house is the kitchen.  We spend a lot of time in there cooking, prepping, partying, and yes, cleaning.  Which is why the bulk of our design meetings centered around arguing about designing a kitchen that had a lot of space for making messes and room to hang out.

Unfortunately, not everything that we wanted to happen was an option with our specific builder.  Me being me… (stubborn) there was not a lot of room for compromise from my end.  What is the point of building a house if you can’t make it perfect the first time around?  #FirstWorldProblems

Which left the option of doing some things ourselves, after the home was “finished”.  Meaning we were without tile backsplash and the range oven when we first moved in… and for several months after that.

I know… GASP! how did we survive??

There was a stretch of time when I questioned why I was living with a tiny stove and no backsplash (especially when I was cleaning cooking grime off of painted walls).  But if I learned anything from living in the condo – it’s that expensive and semi-permanent design decisions are usually not made instantly.  Sometimes that means bare walls, mismatched furniture, or even an oven that doesn’t quite fit the space while you’re waiting to save up the money for the right one.

It’s easy to say, really hard to practice.  But in the future, I can walk into our kitchen and remind myself that good things come to those who wait.

K Viking 2

I had in my head that the kitchen would have blue-gray glass subway tiled backsplash from pretty much the beginning of time.  I searched for months to find the right color and I must have been descriptive enough to my MIL because she emailed me a screen shot of tile she found at a local tile store and it was EXACTLY what I was looking for.  We went out and purchased the tile that day because I was afraid it would move into someone’s home before I could get around to buying it.

After calling a few people to get a bid on installing the tile, Chad asked if he could do it himself.  In the condo, I was the one who dreamed up the projects, and I was the one who did the handy work or (rarely) paid someone to do it for us.  Apparently this new home has turned him into Tim “the Tool Man” Taylor.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled that his first time tiling ANYTHING was on something as visible as the kitchen but his friend Danny – an actual expert – offered to help, and in three days we had our beautiful backsplash for the labor cost of a couple of pizzas.

K Viking

I’m one of those people that needs everything to meet two purposes: form and function. Like, figurines, I don’t get.  Why do you want something that’s ONLY purpose is to sit on a shelf?  Does it heat up your dinner?  Does it wash your dishes?  Does it make you coffee?  Does it make you a cocktail?  No?  Then it doesn’t belong in the kitchen.

I mean, ok, I get art.  I have paid for art.  I have art hanging on the wall.  It’s function is it’s form, let’s say.  If we’re pretending to be deep.  Which we are.  But back to the point – I wanted nice looking appliances, but I also needed hard working appliances.  Two things our kitchen at the condo were sorely lacking was counter space and cooking space.  I knew that our new kitchen needed more than a standard size oven and stovetop.

But did we need two ovens or would a 1.5 work?  When it came down to it, the time that all this extra cooking space comes in handy is when we are having big dinner parties.  The extra oven would be for pies and smaller dishes so did we really need two full sized ovens?  (No.)

The extra cooking (and counter) space is going to make this Thanksgiving a lot easier to plan and execute.

 K Fridge

It’s very exciting for me to announce that everything that you can see of the kitchen is done.

There’s a LOT of organization to still be worked out in the bottom cabinets – but again with the waiting for the right instead of quickly putting in the wrong just to cross a project off the list.