If I had been 100% ready for building a home, I would have known exactly how many drawers, exactly how many cabinets, and where everything should be placed.  Yes, it crossed my mind that I could take stock of every item we owned – and ever might own – organize and measure them in my mind, and map out every square inch of the kitchen.

That seemed like a good idea for about five minutes.

Let’s be real… that still seems like a good idea.  But I wasn’t 100% ready to build a home. TBH I was about 70% ready to build a home.

In the mess and tangle of everything else you have get to decide when it comes to building a house, organizing the kitchen with that kind of insane detail fell on the list of things that never happened.  Sometimes I regret the nights that I slept instead of doing all of that planning.

I love drawer organizers.  You need to understand how much I love drawer organizers.  But the people who make them have a very weird idea about the specific sizes that drawers come in… and they are wrong.  There are certain kinds of drawer organizers I like, and certain kinds of drawer organizers that fit the utensils we have, and making all of those things intersect into the perfect fit so that nothing is sliding around in the drawer every time you open it is a complicated and frustrating process.  #FirstWorldProblems

Except then I learned about museum putty.  Put a little glob of that stuff on the bottom of your drawer organizer, push it into place, and voila – your drawer organizer stays put when you open and close your drawer.

Museum putty… where have you been all of my life???


When you cook as much as we do – we go through a lot of measuring utensils and pinch bowls.  At the condo, we had one set of each, and I was always cleaning things to use again immediately, or using them in order of cleanliness (white sugar first, molasses last) so I could get the most use out of one cup.  And then one day it hit me… there is no rule that I can only own one set of measuring utensils.

 I feel a little silly that it took so many years to realize this.


The next drawer is the “where do we keep the” drawer.  All those items that we use often-ish, but not enough to warrant living in the utensil holder on the counter.

I recently purchased a can opener because we have an electric one and every time we use it I wonder how I would open a can of black beans in a power outage.  Yep.  I know that is a strange thing to think but I can’t imagine you’ve gotten this far and thought I was normal.

Chad had a friend whose wife is very environmentally conscious.  She would get upset with him for leaving his car idling in the winter to warm it up (to be fair, that would annoy me too) or leaving lights on in rooms he had left.  So as a wedding gift they got us… an electric can opener.  Chad and his buddies thought this was hilarious and I had to learn how to use an electric can opener and worry about what I would do in the event of a power outage.

And that’s why it’s noteworthy that we have the can opener in the “where do we keep the” often-ish drawer.

(It took me a really long time to make that story fit into one paragraph.  I hope someone somewhere appreciates that.)

One thing I did spend a lot of time planning was all the drawers we would have.  And because we had so many drawers (compared to the condo) I was going to have a spice drawer.  Because I am short.  And Chad is not much taller than me.  And if there is one thing I have always hated about every kitchen I’ve ever cooked in is WHY DO WE PUT ALL THE SPICES ON ONE SHELF IN A CABINET AND THEN SORT THROUGH EACH SPICE TO FIND THE ONE YOU ARE LOOKING FOR EVERY D*** TIME???  IT’S MADNESS!

I’m here to tell you, there’s a better way.


I’m so crazy about this drawer.  I don’t want to say that I love it… but it’s up there in drawers I open on a daily basis that make me glad I’m alive.

The only thing that would make the drawer better is if I had all the same spice companies.  But that’s a little too crazy… right?  No?  I don’t know where to draw the line anymore.


Across from that drawer is the knife drawer, which had a lot of space so I put other knife like items (graters, garlic mincer, and … meat thermometers) in an expandable drawer organizer that matched the knife organizer, enough.

And the last drawer that’s “made it” is the spatula drawer.  There are more drawers you guys, there are more drawers.


This drawer holds items that I use WAAAAAY more often than I would like to admit.  Which is why I have a million of each (the other tongs were in the dishwasher).  And also, the zester, because every single Blue Apron meal requires zesting of something, and so it was relegated to the drawer of things that get used more than we would like to admit.

My original goal was to not have any utensils out on the counter in a holder, but there’s another person in our house that doesn’t seem to understand my very strange and very specific drawer rules.  And therefore, items tend to drift to other areas of the kitchen.  And then I feel the need to kill that person.  But also… I got a utensil holder and things seem to be finding their way home more often now.


It also made a nice little corral space for the adorable Salt & Pepper Bunny Rabbits, and the Garlic Pot.

Side note… was I the only person in the history of ever that told the contractors to cool it with the outlets?  And they were like, “No ma’am, it’s required by code.”  And I was like, “No, man, this is excessive.”

I lost.  I get really annoyed with the number of outlets in the kitchen.  I mean, I don’t need them, but I could have used more drawers and less outlets.  But whatevs.  Stupid codes.  Who even makes these rules?  Not organized people, I’ll tell you that.

Moral of this long post… drawer organizers and museum putty make your kitchen drawers amazing and life altering.  Do the things.  Thank me later.