We adopted Bella in September of 2010 from the local Humane Society.

On her cage she was identified as half Jack Russell Terrier and half Norfolk Terrier. Norfolk Terriers are supposed to be the happiest dog breed around. Bella definitely does NOT have any Norfolk Terrier in her. Except maybe this once when Chad gave her meth*

Happy Bella

She spends most of her days pouting, sighing (which is also known as audibly pouting), being sad, looking sad, and wishing she had more toys and comfy bankens (blankets… yep, we have pet names for our pet’s things). It’s more likely she is a Rough Coated Jack Russell Terrier.

Unfortunately, without knowing where she came from, we can’t say for sure. And so we like to make up Bella’s rich and diverse heritage.

For instance, her full name is Bella Booperton, Dowager Countess of Spain Castle.

For another, her great great great great grandmother was a lioness, queen of her Pride. Her name was Nala. She fell in love with a terrorist. Then there were also the purebred Rough Coated Jack Russell Terriers. Despite being purebreds, they were seen as outcasts of the family, with their long hair and their drugs.

Bella Lineage

And that’s really how the world came to have Mademoiselle Bella Terrierist

Here she is pictured with her late husband, Count Theodore Bear Booperton:

Back Camera

He died tragically when Bella an unknown assailant ripped off his head. He left Bella all of his fortunes, estates, and his pets (that would be me and Chad).

She has had several suitors since Teddy died, but none have captured her heart the way he did. It’s just as well, she keeps very busy chasing birds, searching for the elusive sunshine, pouting, holding séances, and taking care of her humans. We feel very fortunate she takes such good care of us – and allows me to photograph her as often as she does.

*You guys, we don’t feed our dog meth!  We’re saving that for when we have kids.