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For a very long time, we’ve had a sectional sofa with a matching storage ottoman. When we moved I was ready for nice sofas, sofas that weren’t turd brown with an ottoman that was collecting several years worth of foot cooties and food particles. But beyond that, I had the dream. We were out walking Bella on a nice fall day last year when I told Chad about my recently conceived ideal Sunday. It would start with us running, then having brunch, then (after showering of course) relaxing in the salon (living room) for him to watch sports shouting and me to peruse magazines and coffee table books.

I realized that in order for this fantasy to have a chance at becoming reality, we needed a coffee table. I wanted to display my many many many coffee table books that had inexcusably been living anywhere else in the house because I’ve never owned a coffee table.

planet earth turns slowly

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I have no idea how I made it to 29 years old without ever reading Wuthering Heights.  Don’t they make you read that in high school?  I feel like if I was supposed to read it in high school I would have at least read Cliff’s Notes and therefore would have remembered plot lines or some such thing. Otherwise, college….