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Bella loves being able to go in and out as she pleases, so the backyard has slowly been destroying the Everything Is Awful thought bubble she has hanging out over her head. This has also been a huge improvement to Chad’s sleep schedule, since for the last 4+ years, every few nights or more, Bella wakes him up to take her outside so she can either pee or sniff all the grass on the property. I would be more than happy to take her outside, but she doesn’t wake me up. Probably because I could sleep through an earthquake.

Spain Family 2014

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If you have spoken to us, visited facebook, follow us on instagram, or wandered onto this website any time in the last year, you would know that 2014 was the year of running. We participated in three 10ks and six half marathons through four states and two countries; and ran in six states if you add Colorado and Illinois just for…

Spain Family 2013

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Chad turned the big 3-0 this year, graduated from Residency and has a “real” job! I use quotation marks because when he was in residency he worked 80+ hours a week, now he works 40. It’s nice, and weird, to have him home more… no one is more excited than Bella 🙂 I tried to be but I don’t have a tail. Now, if only he could get his patients to stop asking when he will be turning 18 – then it might feel REAL for Chad.