Bar X

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This past weekend my sisters were in town visiting and so we of course hit a bunch of bars and tore up the roads in between.  One of the bars was Bar X which is downtown and one that Becca had to drag me to a year back because I remembered it as the hole-in-the-wall where scary types hung out….

Windowsill Herb Garden

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Last week I took a planned vacation day and among other piddling errands I FINALLY went to Cactus & Tropicals. I say FINALLY because the lovely Kalie and Jason got us a wedding gift card to Cactus & Tropicals. You know… that wedding that happened almost 2 years ago? I was afraid to shop at a garden store until the recent success of my indoor office windowsill herb garden (thanks in part to Annie):

Violets are Blue

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When I was younger, every 6 months my mom would stubbornly purchase a miniature sage bush and place it next to the sink so she would remember to water it. And several weeks later it would be dead, dried out, and sporting cheerios on it’s dead limbs. I don’t know why we did that but I’m sure it had something to do with Salt Lake City and the small amount of kicks you can get when you can’t drive somewhere and have real fun.

HaniBella Lecter

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The first time Nicole and I went on a run we took Bella with us. Even though Bella was acting cute and cuddly she decided at one point to try and bite to death an innocent runner. Fortunately this was a seasoned runner who hopped over Bella’s bared teeth and didn’t otherwise miss a beat. Bella was very upset that she wasn’t sly enough to get her target but not as upset as I was that Bella is trickier than she first appears.