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An Organized Entryway Closet

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I may have mentioned previously that the entry closet was near the kitchen in the original floor plan. There was some re-arranging on my part (I played Sims for the better part of the last 16 years, I am obviously very qualified to make these types of design changes) where the mud room and half bath switched places, and two feet of space was added to the entire width of the main floor to accommodate an entryway closet, adjacent to the entry door. You know, where Entryway Closets are SUPPOSED TO BE.

A Broom Closet

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I had already altered the floor plan to create a larger entryway with a nice big coat closet for guests (and lets be honest, Bella) so it seemed even more unnecessary. I was just about to have them erase the small closet when I realized that nowhere, in our giant brand new home, had I planned for a place to keep the larger cleaning gadgets. And so, the little coat closet was turned into a broom closet.

Of course this broom closet required some elfa designing and planning. I needed it to keep the broom, the vacuum, the swiffer, a steam mop, a step ladder (we are a short people), a bucket, as well as parts and pieces for the above mentioned gadgets, other cleaning supplies, and paper towels.

Spring Capsule Wardrobe

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Last Fall, I decided to do try the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. It wasn’t as painful as it first seemed, and my life didn’t end because I got rid of years worth of outfits that were no longer being used.  I’ve learned that it is a fantastic way to organize your closet and your budget!  No more shopping endlessly for an item that…

Organized Elfa Walk-in Closet

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January is Get Organized Month – which is perfect for me because the new year always makes me want to clean house.  Everyone else is dieting and I’m bringing things by the truckload to the Good Will… and eating chocolate.  The first area I wanted to tackle this year was our bedroom.  And while most of the room functions really…

Fall Capsule Wardrobe | Tops & Bottoms

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I recently made the decision to participate in the Capsule Wardrobe Challenge, which I discuss here, and in preparation painstakingly pared down my closet and dresser to 25 items.  I tried living with just those items for two weeks to see what I REALLY needed to fill out the rest of my wardrobe.  It was a fantastic exercise because it forced me…

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

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I was reading my new favorite blog The Small Things Blog and about how she is participating in the Capsule Wardrobe challenge.  Basically you edit your closet to 37 items you will wear for the next season.  (Fortunately for me, exercise clothing doesn’t count in that total.)  And most importantly, no shopping until 2 weeks before the next season. I saved the post because I…