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Insanely Organized Thanksgiving

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Every Thanksgiving since I can remember featured my dad in the kitchen all day, juggling dishes and making magic happen.  Growing up, I always thought that I wouldn’t have to make a Thanksgiving meal, because I was lucky enough to have a dad who would do it for me, you know, forever.  But then I got married, and Chad’s family isn’t…

How to Get Organized Today

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Use a Calendar Whether you use a Day Planner or any of the calendar apps on your phone, find a system that works for you and stick to it.  When you schedule an appointment, put it into your calendar right away.  Don’t take that reminder card, you’ll just lose it, or worse, clutter up your purse or wallet. Take it a…

Kitchen Remodeling Plans

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I have a problem, somewhat the opposite of the idea “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  In this particular scenario I’d like to blame it on the evolution of me, which is that for 15 years of my life I was used to having 3 months off each year during summer in which to dream up huge projects that…