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SLC Haunted Half Marathon 2017

Race Recap By October 23, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , , No Comments

Big deal races (and runDisney) require a POT (proof of time) if you want to be in a good corral (A or B, but really A) on race day, and not elbowing your way through the people who are here for the medal and a long ass walk. The last time I needed to sign up for a race solely for a POT was prior to my very first race, so, almost four years ago. Unfortunately for me, after taking almost a year off of running races because of my hip injury, and then returning to running about 30 seconds per mile slower, all I had were some disappointing (to me) race finish times to submit.

In the past, I flat out refused to submit any POT that was from a downhill race. This year, I was willing to bend the rules (my rules) a little with the Haunted Half being that it is half down emigration, half Salt Lake streets. Therefore, only half cheating…

SLC Haunted Half Marathon 2015

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When I went to the Race Expo/Packet Pick-up, I was surprised. The very well run event had a good assortment of crap that’s either needed or not needed for a race (depending on the runner), great packet pick up people, and excellent race bags. Along with the requisite race stuff (bib, pins, shirt, random coupons you will NEVER use) there were also gloves, a space blanket (until you run a cold start race, you will never truly appreciate these half bag, half Reynold’s Wrap blankets – AND it is SUPER rare that races will just hand them out), and a packet of KT Tape.

After re-reading that last sentence I just realized that literally no non-runner would ever get excited about any of those things.

I still refuse to admit I’m a runner.

need look no more

HA! By July 17, 2012 Tags: , , , , , 1 Comment

This past weekend we made a trip up to Deer Valley to see one of the Utah Symphony Summer Concert Series (or whatever, I don’t know exactly what it’s called): Michael Jackson Tribute. We’ve attended the Summer Concert Series before – but this time we actually knew where we were going, so you know, that was nice. We packed a picnic (we picked up take out from Davanza’s), lots of blankets, and WINE because there are SPIDERS UP THERE, PEOPLE. And wine is the only thing that makes being in the presence of spiders … not so noticeable.

Bar X

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This past weekend my sisters were in town visiting and so we of course hit a bunch of bars and tore up the roads in between.  One of the bars was Bar X which is downtown and one that Becca had to drag me to a year back because I remembered it as the hole-in-the-wall where scary types hung out….